Romeo & Juliet


The Capulets and the Montagues have been at war longer than anyone can remember, the reason long forgotten. The youngest of both households, hiding their true identities, fall in love only to discover that they have fallen for their greatest enemy.

    Knowing that their parents will never approve, they arrange to get married in secret, however this is not the happy ending we all hope for. The family feud continues in the background to this joyful love story with disastrous consequences. Duels, potions, poisons and true love star in this woeful tragedy.

Director’s note

When deciding on how to approach this time-honoured piece, we were presented with many options – go Luhrmann and modernise the idea, or stay classic. We decided to go full Elizabethan with minimal props, set and lighting, letting the words tell the story for us.  
    It has been an absolute privilege to direct Romeo & Juliet so close to the way it was originally intended; it has taught me jokes, storylines and character traits that I hadn’t previously recognised when reading or performing the play. It’s my joy to bring this fresh perspective to an audience experiencing Shakespeare in such a relaxed setting