If you are currently working as an actor or are part of an amateur dramatics group and want to learn more, but you missed out on any formal training (A level, BTEC, Degree level etc) then these workshops are for you. They will cover the teachings and techniques of a range of drama practitioners that are typically studied as part of these qualifications without the scary exam at the end of the course!
Whilst naturalism is a very important part of performing arts, gaining a wider knowledge of acting techniques and practises can open your mind to whole new way of thinking, creating theatre and tackling texts, which is why I wanted to offer this opportunity to adult actors who would like to broaden their horizons in the acting world.
Each week we will study a different practitioner and use extracts from appropriate scripts to put their teachings into practise. You will be able to explore different performance styles and texts in a safe space with like minded people, and our fully qualified drama teacher will guide you every step of the way.

The course curriculum is as follows:

Saturday 27th July – Steven Berkoff, Physical Theatre

Well known for his ‘nightmarish’ productions, we will be looking at the physical theatre skills used to create such effects including physicality, mime, soundscapes and body as prop. 
We will be using Berkoff’s ‘The Trial’ (based on the Franz Kafka novel) script to put these skills into practise and explore these techniques.

Saturday 3rd August – Harold Pinter, Building Tension

As one of the most influential modern British dramatists, it is essential that Pinter is studied by any actor worth their salt. The absolute master in building tension, we will be looking at how this can be accomplished on stage with very little props and actors. We will be using extracts from Pinter’s ‘One for the Road’ to aid the exploration of these ideas and techniques. 

Saturday 10th August – Bertolt Brecht, Epic Theatre

Brechtian theatre is often quite uncomfortable for the audience to watch. It is usually quite politically based and will constantly remind you that you’re watching a play, rather than real life, to try and remove a simply emotional response, provoking self-reflection and a critical view of the action on stage. Essentially, it is created to make you think. 
We will be using ‘Mother Courage and All Her Children’ extracts within this workshop.

Saturday 17th August – Frantic Assembly, Verbatim Theatre

Verbatim theatre is a type of performance that incorporates actual words spoken by real people with interpretive movement to create a hard hitting piece. We will be creating our own Verbatim scripts based on topical news articles and adding movement to promote the spoken words.

Saturday 24th August – Augusto Boal, Forum Theatre

In this workshop we will explore Theatre of the Oppressed, mainly Forum Theatre. TOTO was used primarily for non-actors to explore areas of social injustice with aims to find solutions through theatre. 
We will be using Dario-Fo’s ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ to support some of the themes learnt in this workshop.

Saturday 31st August – William Shakespeare, Classical Theatre

Some actors dread the day they’re asked to do a Shakespeare play, others beat down the door of The Globe every summer hoping for a part. One thing is clear, actors are always calling out for more direction when it comes to classical theatre, more time to interpret the text, more context to go with the piece to help them understand it. In this workshop we will cover all that and more. We will look at the language, ways to interpret it, how it affects status of characters, how to access modern audiences and why Shakespeare is still so popular today.
We will be using Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ to explore these themes.

When and where?
The workshops will be held every Saturday afternoon from 1pm – 4pm from the 27th July until the 31st August at NonSuch Theatre in Hockley, Nottingham.
Who will be teaching me?
Becky Clayden, founder and director of touring Shakespearean theatre company ‘Much Ado About Theatre.’ As an acting graduate and fully qualified teacher, Becky has the skills and experience of teaching these techniques to students in schools and colleges, and as such will be extremely patient and understanding with any questions or queries you may have about the content.
How much does it cost?
Individual workshops are £25 each, or you can get the entire six week course for £125 – that gives you one free class! 
How do I book?
Use the form below to book on to individual workshops or the whole course.